Winter Fine Sale 27th November

Winter Fine Sale 27th November 10am
On view Sat 23rd Nov 9am-12.30pm, Mon & Tues 25th & 26th Nov

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Winter Antique & Fine Art Sale 4th December 2013

Wednesday 4th December 10am

On view Sat 30th Nov 9am - 12.30pm & Mon & Tues 2nd & 3rd Dec 9am - 4.30pm

Online bidding available for this sale through www.the-saleroom.com

(AR) indicates that this item may be a qualifying item for Droit de Suite Royalty charges.  The resale of works by living artists and those deceased up to 70 years before sale date is now subject to a 4% levy provided the net selling price is 1000 euros or over.  This is payable by the purchaser.


Morning Session commencing 10am
Ceramics & Glassware  Lots 1 - 114
Silverware  Lots 118 - 208
Novelty Silver & Bijouterie Lots 210 - 313
Watches & Jewellery Lots 321 - 456

Afternoon Session commencing 2pm
Miniatures & Pictures Lots 461 - 635
Works of Art & Textiles Lots 636 - 702
Coins Banknotes & Stamps Lots 705 - 789
Clocks  Lots Lots 791 - 805
Furniture Lots Lots 814 - 915

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1 Estimated Price: 400-500

A ROYAL WORCESTER CHINA CABINET PLATE, late 20th century, of shaped circular form with gadroon moulded border highlighted in gilt, painted in colours by Freeman with a still life of pears and blackberries on a mossy banking, signed, printed mark in black, 9 1/2" diameter
2 Estimated Price: 300-500 / Actual Price 290

A ROYAL WORCESTER CHINA ROYAL COMMEMORATIVE POT POURRI VASE AND COVER, 1911, of globular form, painted in muted colours by R Rushton, with a vignette of Windsor Castle within a raised gilt floral border on a cobalt blue ground, the reverse printed with a crown over the Royal cypher GRV and the Coronation date June 22, 1911, with crown cover and inner liner, signed, puce mark, shape 2516
3 Estimated Price: 250-400

A PAIR OF ROYAL WORCESTER IVORY PORCELAIN PERSIAN STYLE BOTTLE VASES, 1890, with flower pierced cylindrical necks and two loop handles surmounted by mythical beasts, gilded in high relief in the aesthetic style with ferns, puce mark, shape 1169, 10" high
4 Estimated Price: 300-400

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN BLUSH IVORY POT POURRI VASE AND COVER, 1894, of semi basket moulded ovoid form, gilded in high relief in the aesthetic style with sunflowers and a grasshopper, puce mark, shape 1286, 12" high
5 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 210

A ROYAL CROWN DERBY CHINA MINIATURE FLAT IRON AND MATCHING TRIVET, 1912, painted in pattern No.6299, iron red mark, iron 2" x 1 1/2"
6 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 180

THREE ROYAL CROWN DERBY CHINA MINIATURES, all painted in pattern No.6299, and comprising coal scuttle (1921), 2 1/2" high, watering can (1926) 3" high, and cauldron (1913) 2 1/2" high, various marks
7 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 260

FOUR ROYAL CROWN DERBY CHINA MINIATURES, all painted in pattern No.6299 and comprising kettle and cover (1911) 2 1/2" high, low teapot and cover (1939) 2" high, pan and cover (1934) 2" high and oval pan and cover (1922) 1 1/2" high
8 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 130

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN VASE, 1912, of ovoid form with strap moulded shoulders, all round painted in colours with a peacock perched upon a bough in a wooded landscape, unsigned, green mark, shape H/169, 4 3/4" high
9 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 80

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN ICE JUG, 1888, of cylindrical form, painted in typical enamels with flowers on an ivory ground, puce mark, shape 1229, 8 1/4" high
10 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 50

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN FIGURE, c.1907, modelled as John Bull from James Hadley's "Countries of the World" in shot green and brown enamels, puce mark, model No.851, 7" high
11 Estimated Price: 250-350

A ROYAL CROWN DERBY COFFEE SERVICE, c.1900, on glaze printed in burnt orange and over painted in cobalt blue and gilt with pattern No.2717 and comprising twelve each cups, saucers and plates, milk jug, slop basin, bread and butter plate and sugar scuttle, marked in burnt orange (40)
22 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 60

A LOWESTOFT PORCELAIN SMALL TEAPOT, c.1770, painted in underglaze blue with a cottage and a fence, workman's mark, 3 1/4" high
23 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 170

A FIRST PERIOD WORCESTER PORCELAIN LEAF DISH, c.1760-65, painted in underglaze blue with the "Blown Tulip" pattern, open crescent, 10 1/4" wide
24 Estimated Price: 180-250 / Actual Price 150

A RED ANCHOR PERIOD CHELSEA PORCELAIN MEAT PLATE, c.1755, of shaped oval form, painted in polychrome enamels with loose bouquets and scattered sprigs of summer flowers, unmarked, 14 1/4" x 11 1/2"
25 Estimated Price: 250-400 / Actual Price 440

A DOCUMENTARY LARGE CREAMWARE JUG, c.1800, probably Liverpool, of bombe cylindrical form with plain strap handle, on glaze printed in black with a sailing barque, naively over painted in colours, over marine trophies and painted inscription "The Eagle/ John Tremethick/ Master Newlyn/ Cornwall 1800", the reverse printed with Britannia leaning on a large anchor looking seawards, and with a floral sprig beneath the lip, 9 1/4" high
26 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 150

AN ENGLISH DELFT PLATE, probably London, c.1750, of plain circular form, centrally painted in blue, manganese, yellow, green and orange with flowers issuing from a lozenge shaped hollow rock, the rim in similar colours with three repeats of a floral group centred on a half sunflower head, 9 1/4" diameter
27 Estimated Price: 350-500 / Actual Price 950

A GEORGE JONES & SONS MAJOLICA JARDINIERE, late 19th century, of melon fluted globular form, moulded and applied in high relief with finches amidst flowering orchids in colours on a cobalt blue ground, a yellow highlighted minaret rim and raised upon three leaf feet, impressed marks, 17" high
28 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 80

A TURNER WHITE SMEAR GLAZED STONEWARE JUG, c.1800, of baluster form, moulded and applied with cherubs pulling a goat and holding branches of grapes beneath a fruiting vine border and above a reeded base, the upper turned section in a brown glaze, impressed Turner, with hallmarked silver mount and hinged domed cover with open thumbpiece, London 1800, maker possibly John Thompson, 10" high
29 Estimated Price: 200-300 / Actual Price 200

A FRENCH FAIENCE DESK STANDISH, mid to late 19th century, of lobed oblong form, the scrolling three quarter gallery enclosing two graduated correspondence apertures, the base with pen well, flanked by loose inkwells and covers over a drawer to the base, painted in yellow, blue, green and orange with stylised foliage and scroll, marked in manganese, 11" wide, 6" high
30 Estimated Price: 1500-1800 / Actual Price 1200

A FRIEDRICH GOLDSCHEIDER EARTHENWARE BUST, late 19th century, of a Nubian female slave wearing a headscarf with coin fringe and Turkish pendants, torque on her upper right arm, nude to the waist, her arms outstretched and holding a shell dish, on a waisted socle, cold painted in colours and gilt, impressed marks, 22" high (Illustrated)
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Sale Price :£3200

Sale Price :£4400