Winter Fine Sale 27th November

Winter Fine Sale 27th November 10am
On view Sat 23rd Nov 9am-12.30pm, Mon & Tues 25th & 26th Nov

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Summer Antique & Fine Art Sale 17th June

Wednesday 17th June 10am

On view Sat 13th June 9am - 12.30pm & Mon & Tues 15th & 16th June 9am - 4.30pm

Online bidding available for this sale through www.the-saleroom.com

(Artist Resale Right) indicates that this item may be a qualifying item for Droit de Suite Royalty charges.  The resale of works by living artists and those deceased up to 70 years before sale date is now subject to a 4% levy provided the net selling price is 1000 euros or over.  This is payable by the purchaser.


Order of Sale 

Commencing at 10am
Lots 1 - 89 Ceramics & Glass
Lots 96 - 182 Silver
Lots 191 - 275 Coins, Watches & Jewellery

Commencing at 1.30pm
Lots 281 - 396 Pictures
Lots 401 - 445 Works of Art & Rugs
Lots 451 - 470 Clocks
Lots 471 - 520 Garden & Architectural
Lots 538 - 651 Furniture
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1 Estimated Price: 200-300 / Actual Price 420

A CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE of slender double gourd form, painted in underglaze blue with insects and birds amidst foliage, four character mark to base, 11 1/2" high
2 Estimated Price: 250-350 / Actual Price 480

A CHINESE PORCELAIN FIGURE modelled as a deity wearing a gilded bead necklace, famille rose enamelled hooded robe, a small boy holding a bottle in his right arm seated on a lily pad moulded rocky outcrop, unmarked, 14 1/2" high
3 Estimated Price: 300-400 / Actual Price 460

A PAIR OF JAPANESE PORCELAIN CHARGERS, late 19th century, of dished circular form, painted in the Imari palette with two large stylised flowerheads and scrolling foliage on a white ground, four character mark in underglaze blue, 18 1/2" diameter
4 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 140

A SATSUMA EARTHENWARE POT POURRI JAR, COVER AND STAND, late 19th century, of squat cylindrical form painted in typical enamels with a panel enclosing six children capturing a large carp on a beach and another panel with two warriors fighting with figures looking on between two further panels of flower filled vases, the domed pierced cover with large exotic bird finial and raised upon a circular stand on three bracket feet painted with caged finches (seal mark), 7" high
5 Estimated Price: 350-500 / Actual Price 1000

A CANTONESE PORCELAIN VASE AND COVER, c.1800, of flared hexagonal section, the domed cover with a seated figure knop, painted in famille rose enamels with panels of figures at their daily business on a scrolling foliate and insect ground, 25" high (Illustrated)
6 Estimated Price: 300-500

A CHINESE PORCELAIN VASE, 18th century, of baluster form, in a dark brown glaze highlighted in gilt (worn) with foliage, 14" high, later converted to an electric table lamp
7 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 200

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN DISH, 1935, of shaped square form, painted in polychrome enamels by Wray with a still life of two apples and black and white grapes on a mossy banking, signed, puce mark, 4 3/4" square
8 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 90

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN DISH, 1936, of lobed circular form, painted in polychrome enamels by Moseley with a still life of white grapes and strawberries on a mossy banking, signed, blue mark, 5 1/2" diameter
9 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 270

A ROYAL WORCESTER PORCELAIN VASE, 1930, of slender ovoid form with strapwork moulded cylindrical neck and two mask and wreath handles, painted in (misfired) polychrome enamels with a still life of peaches and black grapes on a mossy banking, the reverse with a vignette of four cherries, on a fluted waisted stem and shaped square foot, unsigned, puce mark, shape 1410, 10 3/4" high
10 Estimated Price: 200-300 / Actual Price 240

A VICTORIAN COPELAND'S CHINA CORRESPONDENCE RACK/DESK STANDISH of shaped oblong form with gilt highlighted rococo scroll moulded borders, the two divisions painted with scattered flower sprigs, the fascia with a vignette of a young couple seated in landscape, a pen rest flanked by an aperture for an inkwell and pounce pot to the front, indistinctly signed, printed mark in gilt, 11 1/2" wide and 5 1/4" high overall
11 Estimated Price: 150-200 / Actual Price 620

A PAIR OF CROWN DERBY PORCELAIN VASES, 1888, of ovoid form with cylindrical necks and flared rims, each with two small open fan handles on an octagonal foot, gilded in the Persian style and with turquoise and white enamelled "beads" with roundels on a cobalt blue and foliate ground, printed mark in burnt orange, numbered 1537/367, 9 1/2" high
12 Estimated Price: 250-400 / Actual Price 380

A CROWN DERBY EARTHENWARE PLAQUE, c.1890, of plain circular slightly dished form, later painted with an arab kneeling behind his camel shooting at an eagle in a desert landscape, printed mark in underglaze blue and indistinct impressed crown mark, 16 3/4" diameter, with original foliate scroll carved wood frame
13 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 80

A GLAZED PARIAN BOX AND COVER, c.1900, of plain cylindrical form with all over reticulation in the style of George Owen, highlighted in turquoise within a gilt line border and moulded rosettes, inscribed 1/862 and very indistinct incised monogram, 5" diameter
14 Estimated Price: 300-400 / Actual Price 300

A YORKSHIRE PEARLWARE PUZZLE JUG, early 19th century, of baluster form with three spouts between pierced bands, printed in underglaze blue with a fisherman beside a mausoleum with a man leading a dromedary down a slope, 6 1/4" high
15 Estimated Price: 800-900

A PEARLWARE FIGURE OF ST GEORGE, c.1780, the helmeted figure seated astride his steed lancing the dragon writhing at his feet, on a naturalistically slip cast shaped oval base, highlighted in underglaze blue and green, 10 3/4" high
16 Estimated Price: 150-200 / Actual Price 320

A PEARLWARE TOBY JUG, c.1790, the seated toper wearing a dark brown tricorn hat, brown spattered ochre jacket, plain ochre breeches and blue striped socks, holding a foaming jug of ale on his left knee, on a brown lined canted oblong base, 10 1/2" high
17 Estimated Price: 100-150

A PEARLWARE FIGURE OF FALSTAFF, c.1790, in typical stance, holding a silver lustre shield and standing on a rococco scroll moulded base encrusted with flowerheads, on a gilt lined square plinth, 8 3/4" high
18 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 120

A PRATTWARE FIGURE "The Lost Sheep", c.1790, the young shepherd wearing brown and ochre garb, a lamb tied to his back and standing beside a tree stump on a naturalistically moulded rocky base, 8 1/2" high
19 Estimated Price: 350-450 / Actual Price 350

A PAIR OF CONTINENTAL PORCELAIN PARROTS, late 19th century, possibly Fontainbleau/Jacob Petit, modelled by A. Heingle with bright plumage, perched upon leaf and flower encrusted tree stumps on naturalistically moulded bases, mark in underglaze blue, 14" high
20 Estimated Price: 600-800

A PAIR OF FRENCH PORCELAIN DANCING FIGURES, late 19th century, probably Samson of Paris, after Derby originals of an 18th century gallant and his female companion wearing brightly coloured and gilded garb, both against flower encrusted bocage, on rococo scroll and escallop shell moulded bases, pseudo iron red Derby mark, 16" high
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Sale Price :£3200

Sale Price :£4400