Winter Fine Sale 27th November

Winter Fine Sale 27th November 10am
On view Sat 23rd Nov 9am-12.30pm, Mon & Tues 25th & 26th Nov

Our next Toy & Collectors Auction is 18th April 2020

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Autumn Antique & Fine Art Sale 7th September 2016

Wednesday 7th September 10am

On view Sat 3rd September 9am - 12.30pm & Mon & Tues 5th & 6th September 9am - 4.30pm

Online bidding available for this sale through www.the-saleroom.com

(Artist Resale Right) indicates that this item may be a qualifying item for Droit de Suite Royalty charges.  The resale of works by living artists and those deceased up to 70 years before sale date is now subject to a 4% levy provided the net selling price is 1000 euros or over.  This is payable by the purchaser.


Order of Sale


Commencing 10am

Lot 1 - 140  Ceramics & Glass  

Lot 141 - 167  Silver

Lot 180 - 282  Coins, Watches & Jewellery

Lot 283 - 350  Militaria & Field Sports 


Commencing 1.30pm

Lot 351 - 448  Books, Maps & Antiquarian Prints 

Lot 452 - 564  Pictures 

Lot 569 - 617  Works of Art & Musical Instruments 

Lot 622 - 637  Clocks & Mechanical Music 

Lot 642 - 657  Garden & Architectural 

Lot 658 - 751  Furniture 


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1 Estimated Price: 300-400

A PAIR OF CHINESE PORCELAIN JARS AND COVERS of ovoid form, painted in underglaze blue with two children playing beside their mothers against a fence and rockwork, unmarked, 9 3/4" high
2 Estimated Price: 120-160

TWO CHINESE PORCELAIN VASES, one of inverted baluster form, the other of slender ovoid form, both painted in famille verte enamels with panels of figures at work and leisure, both unmarked, 11" and 8 3/4" high
3 Estimated Price: 100-150

A CHINESE PORCELAIN FOOD WARMER of domed circular form, painted in underglaze blue with sprays of flowers, unmarked, 8 1/2" diameter
4 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 330

A CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN PLATE, late 18th century, of plain circular form, centrally painted in polychrome enamels with a young lady playing an erhu beside a cabinet within a monochrome scroll border enclosing iron red and purple flower panels, unmarked, 8 3/4" diameter, together with a set of five slightly later octagonal plates, 8 1/2" diameter and two others, a teapot and cover and bowl (10)
5 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 320

A CHINESE PORCELAIN HURRICANE LAMP, the ovoid shade painted in pastel shades with five ladies in a landscape luring a small stag, within blue and yellow cailloute borders, resting on a single knopped pedestal, unmarked, 12" high
6 Estimated Price: 80-120

A SATSUMA EARTHENWARE VASE, early 20th century, of ovoid form with small waisted neck, painted in bright enamels with an actor wearing a bright orange wig and holding a fan in front of a seated audience below a wave and cloud border, unmarked, 6" high
7 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 340

A COLLECTION OF CHINESE PORCELAIN, various dates, comprising a blue and white sleeve vase, 10" high, a Batavian small bowl, 4 3/4" diameter, an inverted baluster blue and white vase, four character mark, 7 1/4" high, a rouleau vase, four character mark, 10" high and a famille noir vase, unmarked, 8" high (5)
8 Estimated Price: 120-160 / Actual Price 90

A CHINESE EXPORT PORCELAIN MUG, late 18th century, of barrel form, the loop handle with heart terminal and thumb piece, sparsely painted in famille rose enamels with a spray of flowers within a roundel below a swag border, 5 3/4" high
17 Estimated Price: 300-400

A PAIR OF FAIENCE CUSTARD CUPS, c.1800, of squat baluster form with green painted naturalistically moulded twig handles and each painted in polychrome enamels with a goat in open landscape below flower sprays, unmarked, 1 3/4" high
18 Estimated Price: 300-400

A PAIR OF FAIENCE GLASS RINSERS, early 19th century, of campana form with mask lug handles, painted in blue, ochre, lilac and green with Bacchanalian scenes on a flowered ground, Moustiers mark in brown, 5" high
19 Estimated Price: 70-90

A SCOTTISH EARTHENWARE CANDLE HOLDER, late 19th century, of domed form with four smoke apertures, button knop and reeded handle, 7 1/4" high
20 Estimated Price: 100-150

A SAMUEL ALCOCK & CO. PORCELANEOUS EWER, c.1860, a "Fac-Simile (sic) of a Vase Representing the Battle Between the Greeks and Amazons Found at Cumae .... 1855", extensive printed mark, 8 3/4" high
21 Estimated Price: 150-200 / Actual Price 180

A MEISSEN PORCELAIN FIGURE, late 19th century, of a gardener wearing a yellow lined pink coat over a lace trimmed orange waistcoat and striped breeches, holding a rose in his right hand and leaning on a green can and spade, standing on a scroll moulded base, crossed swords, incised C69.62, 7 1/2" high, together with a porcelain figure group of a young 18th century shepherd and his female companion with a bird cage, both seated on a naturalistically moulded base, marked in blue, 5" high (2)
22 Estimated Price: 80-120 / Actual Price 100

A COLLECTION OF BLUE AND WHITE PRINTED EARTHENWARE, early 19th century, comprising a Minton Series plate "Kenelworth Priory" (sic), 3 1/2" diameter, a small baluster jug with the finding of Moses in the Bulrushes, unmarked, 3" high, a pair of waisted spill vases, unmarked, 2 3/4" high, a Davenport bird pattern miniature cup, a butter boat with solid handle and a sugar vase and cover with three women kneeling around an obelisk, 4 3/4" high (7)
23 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 120

A COLLECTION OF BLUE AND WHITE PRINTED EARTHENWARE, early 19th century, comprising a "Grazing Rabbits" plate, unmarked, 9 3/4" diameter, a Brameld "Returning Woodman" octagonal plate, impressed, 10 1/4" wide, a Rogers "Dromedary", "Monopteris" and "Elephant" plate, 8 1/2", 9 3/4" and 6 1/2" diameter and a Clews "Donkey" plate, impressed, 9 3/4" diameter (6)
24 Estimated Price: 120-180 / Actual Price 170

A COLLECTION OF TWELVE SPODE BLUE AND WHITE PRINTED EARTHENWARE PLATES, early 19th century, comprising "Death of the Bear" and "Common Wolf Trap", both impressed and printed marks, 9 3/4" x 8 1/4" diameter, "Caramanian Sarcophagi and Sepulchres at the Head of the Harbour at Cacamo", impressed, 10" diameter, "Flower Cross, Tower, Tiber and Greek" plates and four clobbered examples, various sizes (11)
25 Estimated Price: 150-200 / Actual Price 180

A COLLECTION OF SEVENTEEN WEDGWOOD AND OTHER BLUE AND WHITE PRINTED EARTHENWARE PLATES, early 19th century, including Waterlily, Botanical, Village Church, Chinoiserie Pagodas, Rogers "Fallow Deer", "Drama Series - Love in a Village", "Byland Abbey", Dr Syntax and others, various sizes, largest 10 1/4" smallest 6 1/2" diameter
26 Estimated Price: 60-80 / Actual Price 20

SEVEN CERAMIC REFERENCE BOOKS including Godden "Ridgway Porcelains", "Coalport and Coalbrookdale Porcelains", "Caughley & Worcester 1775-1800", Sandon "Flight & Barr Worcester Porcelain 1783-1840", Barrett & Thorpe "Derby Porcelain" and Rush "The Ingenious Beilbys"
27 Estimated Price: 80-120 / Actual Price 90

A COLLECTION OF EARLY VICTORIAN BLUE AND WHITE PRINTED EARTHENWARE comprising a Minton Opaque China "Chinese Marine" drainer with some overpainting, 12 1/4" wide, a smaller "Sicilian" drainer, 10 1/2" wide, a china part tea and coffee service with a chinoiserie mother and child, unmarked and a Davenport "Lilium" drainer printed in lilac (16)
28 Estimated Price: 100-150 / Actual Price 130

A COLLECTION OF FIVE REGENCY AND LATER PORCELAIN CHAMBERSTICKS, including a Spode 967 pattern taperstick, 2 3/4" diameter and a Minton example in the form of a shallow barrel and cover, base 2 1/2" diameter, together with a small candlestick, unmarked, 4 1/2" high (6)
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Sale Price :£3200

Sale Price :£4400